Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Legend of Bryan Sigurdson

Switch to the low ball

The Own Goal column is dedicated to the silent pride of the fullback. For this month's edition, I therefore offer the following quotes from semi-retired Roadrunner legend, Bryan Sigurdson.

"Switch to the low ball"
- a direction barely heard above a 90 km/hour wind driving the largest rain drops I have ever seen so hard into my eyes that I could barely open them. When the storm cleared, we were up 3-0.

"When you get back from out of town you phone your manager first, you call your mother second"
 - advice Bryan suggested to several team mates who kept forgetting to tell  Dick when they were going to miss games.

"If you are not getting yellow cards, you are not trying hard enough, if you get a red card, your an idiot"
- Excerpt from Bryan's speech at his 50th birthday party.

"Sorry about the oranges lads, I will talk to Cindy"
- an apology offered after Bryan's wife Cindy (who was 8 months pregnant and with two toddlers) arrived with sliced oranges but several minutes after the half time break had ended.

 "You beat the teams below you in the standings, and you tie the teams above you"
- A strategy that focused me to play better against seemingly unbeatable teams (e.g. Olympiakos) and led the Roadrunners to second place in the second division.

 "I'd bite this button off, but I would probably choke on it and die"
- Bryan complimenting team management on our new jerseys.

 "Here, have a look at my ankle"
- a horrible sight that not only caused me to stop whining about my "minor" ankle injury, but has stopped me from ever complaining about any  injury since.

- A term Bryan often uses to inspire, and only an aging fullback would fully understand what it means coming from a true veteran.

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