Saturday, November 13, 2010

On and Off the Field - Sept 1999

Several weeks ago my wife and I had a healthy, happy baby boy. It was, however, a very difficult pregnancy that left my wife in bed for four months, most of them in the hospital. As this supposedly doomed tragedy twisted its way through the summer I found a great deal of relief on the soccer field. In the end I only missed a couple games. While this may seem like a life skills priorization problem it made good sense to me. The change in venue from work or waiting in the hospital for life or the doctors to make the next move; to a two hour game where I had some control over the destiny around me we was welcome relief.

Also, the support from my team was amazing. The supportive words, questions, flowers and patience for those nights when my concentration wasn’t what it should have been were greatly appreciated. In the end it all worked out and it truly was a miracle. A miracle based on the care of many great people, including the Roadrunners whose support to me can not possibly be valued. Bryan always says that when you play for the Roadrunners you do what you can to help the team, on and off the field. Apparently the reverse is also true. I also remember Bruce Macnab (ex Roadrunner and varsity hockey legend) say: "it doesn’t hurt when you win".

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